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Calcium Fluoride

 Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is an insoluble ionic compound of calcium and fluorine, Calcium Fluoride is a typical fluxing material used in the cement industry for reducing the temperature at which clinker is burnt. Cement manufacturers usually add calcium fluoride during the preparation of the raw mix to produce white cements, to optimize production costs for grey cements and to reduce CO2 emission.

It is also used as a flux for melting and liquid processing of iron, steel and their composites.Its action is based on its similar melting point to iron, on its ability to dissolve oxides and on its ability to wet oxides and metals.

Specification :

SiO2  <7%
Sulfur  <0.03%
Phosphorus  <0.02%
CaCO3  <1.5%
Moisture  <0.8%
Pb                               <0.5%
Size  20-50mm(>90%)


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